For all those hipsters out there.

If you say you ain’t a hipster you probably are :wink:

would be better classified as peoplewithnicehouses.com

I wish I had a unhappyhipster house. :frowning:

i don’t get it

it’s ok. I think there’s a similar site called unhappy bianchi pista owners…

Funny stuff. Those who seek more end up being as fake and empty as their surroundings.

because your one of them.

i just don’t see the relevance of the title of the blog. it’s about architecture.
is the author also an ‘unhappy hipster’, or is he attempting to suggest that the owners/models in the photos are unhappy. none of them appear unhappy (or particularly hipster-ish) to me, and as jolan said, i’d be pretty fucken happy if i was living in one of those houses.

is it meant to be a swipe at consumer/designer lifestyles?

OMG that is so what a hipster would say.

just looks like photos ganked from apartment therapy to me…

well i didnt se any bikes so maybe thats why they’re all unhappy :?

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The octopus was full of judgment.


shit Jams. quit trying to critically analyse it - it’s a fuckin piss take. and it’s hilarious. Admit it! go on… ADMIT YOU LOVE THAT SHIT.

i don’t get it.

and i’m an architect and a hipster by any definition.

is that the point?

totez stoops

I was laughing so hard I tasted donut…

they are actually quite funny and clever.

not sure i get the subtlety of the humour…

www.latfh.com is way further up my alley

yeah - basically unhappyhipsters is latfh for hipsters.

He tried to focus on the novel, and not how much his bedroom reminded him of a plywood coffin.