Unique steely.

Something a little different, from Mario’s collection.
vintage road bike shogun unique racing bicycle ADELAIDE (eBay item 300516833068 end time 24-Jan-11 22:51:24 AEDST) : Sport

Yeah, I saw that the other day. The rear stays are pretty rad.

that’s very nice

They’re pretty common, I’ve seen a bunch around Melbourne. Definitely a Shogun.

The lugless Bill Hurlow built Holdsworth that he’s auctioning is pretty special too. Someone should be snapping that up.

I’ve been thinking the same. Emailed him suggesting to list it o/seas but he isn’t into packing bikes to fit inside Oz Post size limits. It really is a notable bike and with front eyelets and a light mount would make a nice Townie/sleeper, and the angles suggest a well balanced, comfortable ride. In any case Mario is a good guy to deal with.

Yeah, just been doing some reading and ogling pics of that model Holdsworth.
JLN, this could be a candidate for your townie

Hmmm. I’ll check it out. And yeah, Mario is a good dude.

Worth doing. It’s one thing to sink a bunch of $'s and parts on a $150 frame with no provenance and little in the way of history. But, throw a little more on a frame which is known, and made by one of the most revered craftsmen and it not only becomes collectible but an appreciating asset. It’s also quite unique being a fillet brazed model in what looks like original paint (worth keeping as is).

Fix it up with whatever parts you have at hand and you can always ride it, with a view to building it up with period parts if you wish to ride it as a classic. The only thing you shouldn’t do is erase it’s history or alter it - best left as is and proudly telling its story.

You don’t have to go for it but give it some thought. Talk to Mario in person if you can :wink:

Passed in with no bids, so maybe contact mario. Plenty of inspiration Here