Unknown Aero Tube Roadie NSW

Looks pretty tidy; internal cable routing, aero tubes, suntour bits and bobs, and how about that seat clamp! Low starting price, too.

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Very nice and also this thing. Same seller and lovely chrome forks and head tube.


Yea that rules! Smartest clamp set up ive seen on this tubing

^ What? You don’t like the grub screw :wink:

Never seen an aero seat post like that, he calls it a Mighty. Anyone know anything about it?

Edit: Sugino Mighty apparently, but the aero version isn’t on Velobase.

Wow. Really nice.

Yes but this one has the aero profile by the looks…

Indeed, hence “the aero version isn’t on Velobase.”

HA I cant read…

edit or spell

I would definitely take the cobcroft over the aero framed thing.


thats good erle cause I want the Aero rig…

We might need someone to do a double pickup.

or see if he can drop at a shop like deus for us…

Dude is in Penrith, 45kms from Deus… He used to run a bike auction place near the city, he can probably arrange packing himself if he’s got a half a brain.

I can probably collect/drop for you guys

legends… thanks for the info…

Either that, or there are a few shops in Penrith that could help him, Blackman Cycles for one. They have always been pretty good IMO.

I noticed he mentioned…

“Pick up is in BAULKHAM HILLS
Inspections welcome”

Ah, paging HeavyMetal?!

The Aero frame is likely made by the makers of Centurion frames. The seat cluster (Cinelli copy) is off a Centurion Professional. I have asked the seller for the serial number to validate. Shame it is too small for me.

Yeh well, baulkham hills. This newborn fella is taking up too much time at the moment for me to oblige…

Guy now thinks it’s a Cinelli since finding a Cinelli BB Shell… Will not box for us.

edit looks like he updated the wrong one and has now changed the Cobcroft