Unknown frame build up

Just bought this frame off Gypsy, keen to get building! Not sure what it is but its reasonably light and looks well finished.

Plans are…
-Colour change to something BRIGHT
-Nutting out build options…One is current Campy Pista cranks with those wheels and campy headset, other is 7600 Dura-Ace cranks and hubs, 28h NOS GL330s I’ve got, Levin headset. Flite classic or Kashimax saddle. Will keep the Thomson post I think.Nitto B12x drops and one of their track stems in either case.

I don’t want to build a dogs breakfast but I’m happy to run with traditional but current parts for something that will be a fun rider. I was a bit scared of really using my McBain much with all the vintage Dura-Ace etc on it.

Remainder of pics are from the for sale thread;

Any ideas? Previous owner was thinking Perkins, I get a Petrus vibe from it.

BB is English, seat tube is 26.6, fork ends are Campagnolo, frame ends not sure.

Have a read through this thread,


It could be a M.H Jones frame or possibly a perkins according to that thread. Nice frame by the look of it, Any specific ideas on piant?

Pretty sweet frame whoever built it!

Great looking frame. I love all the detail/nicely finished lug work.

Whats wrong with riding around on vintage dura ace? I haven’t had a problem with it

Looks nice whatever it is, I don’t even mind the current colour!

Nothing wrong with the dura-ace stuff at all, I just spent so long sourcing and restoring stuff last time that I kind of felt a bit weird actually riding it (on the street anyway). Don’t feel so bad about using stuff I can replace with a few mouse clicks.

I’ve seen Milton Jones frames, also branded as ‘Capo’ with those same lug cutouts. He was a builder from Perth. Will be a nice bike!

Edit: didn’t read aeroblokes post!

will pay to see it built up with one of those ‘saddles’!

Keep it purple. :wink:

Its tempting Matt…but theres just enough damage on the purple to make me want to be rid of it. Its kind of a 5m paint job. I want something retina searing with this one (unless I nail down its provenance).

Seems to be metallic gold underneath, its got a bit of a Violet Crumble thing going on.

Picked up two wheelsets today, should make one good one out of the pair.
1x pair hard anodised Wolber TX Profil clinchers on 32h high-flange Dura-Ace 7500 (unfortunately cog thread is stuffed on the 1xfixed rear)
1x pair Campagnolo Omicron in bronze ano on 32h hi-flange 7500 Dura-Ace, 2xfixed rear.

Will swap the 2x hub out of the rear Omicron into the Wolber and have a nice wheelset. Changes the tack of the build a little though…

haha you beat me on the wheels. I tried to get them a week ago, but then the seller stopped returning my messages. What are you going to do with the stuffed hub? I’ll take it off your hands if you want to get rid of it

I got super lucky, I rang him this morning when he was about to leave for Hobart, so I didn’t even have to travel to pick them up! I’ll let you know what I decide with the hub, I see dubrat has a good one for sale in the classifieds here. I’ve got a 28h 1x rear hub and a 36h front (well, its a road one, QR) kicking round too… I’ve got some killer 28h rims to use but can’t find a 28h front hub.

Starting to get a few bits and pieces in, hopefully remainder of build will be landed by the end of the week.

Heres some horrid pics from my knackered phone of the front-end setup.

23C Clearance (or lack thereof) at 60psi

20C Clearance is good (wasn’t inflated couldn’t be arsed wrangling a tube in)

Obligatory NJS-dork shot

Spec is now…
-Unknown 53cm frame, English BB, Italian headset (?!), 26.6 post.
-Nitto 100mm stem, Nitto B125 bars (38cm I think)
-Tange Levin headset
-Yellow label hard-anodised Wolber TX Profil on Dura-Ace 7500 Hi-Flange hubs (100x9/120x10 2xfixed)
-Veloflex Carbon 20C (in transit)
-Dura-Ace 7600 167.5mm crankset, 50t hard ano Dura-Ace 'ring (in transit)
-Black Selle Italia Flite 1990 ti-rail (in transit)
-?? Chain (probably Izumi)
-?? BB
-?? Seatpost (Thomson isn’t staying, want something more appropriate like ax or 600…might settle for Kalloy Ritchey-copy)
-?? Tape or grips (not keen on white, as much as I like Soyo long grips)

The frame is definitely getting a re-colour but I’m reconsidering my options now. I think I will get the setup right then strip it, get it soda blasted, assess the state of the chrome and decide on paint or powder.

Damn, coming along nicely. Black grips to match saddle and hard ano rims for sure!

Got some 7600 cranks. I chucked a spare rear wheel in it and sat a horrid old athena ti/latex saddle on so I could see if it would fit size wise. Feels good! I think I will restrain myself from finishing it to rideable until I have the correct ISO bb in it (mocked up on a 107 UN52 at the moment).

Rear clearances are as tight as the front with the wheel near the forward limit of the track ends

I’ve held this frame and i loved the paint.
Why change it.
It looks like theres a fair bit of meat in the fork crown it may be able to be filed out a little.
Also are you sure it’s chrome under the paint

I specifically want to build something uber bright this time round, no real reason, just do. Otherwise the paint is fine, if a little tired. Will be purple for the next short while anyway. Who knows, I may change my mind; I do like the way the wolbers look with the paint.

Fork and frame ends are definitely chrome and a little scraping where its chipped on the seatstays showed some chrome a few inches up. Has at least two layers of paint, I reckon the original is the pale gold in the bb threads and showing through chipped purple.

Tight clearances are good, just what the doctor ordered, can’t stand frames with the same tyre clearance as a low end roadie.

Veloflex Carbon 20 clinchers turned up today, back hub’s been swapped out from stripped 1X Dura-Ace to a fresher 2X one, cranks are in with Veloce 111mm BB (will still get a 109 Hatta R9400 later), bars are taped. Waiting for Flite 1990 saddle, Dura-Ace cog/lockring and a decent chain (Izumi I guess) to turn up, still jonesing for a Shimano aero post in 26.6 in a reasonable length (circa 250mm would be ideal).

Is this for the track.
If not those tyres wont last long on the street.