Unknown frame. Help pls!?

Hi all,

Let me introduce you to my faithful steed. I need help identifying what frame it is or what frame it’s similar to… I’m sort of getting bored of it and may need to change soon. I do like the chromeish ends and it feels 100 times better than my old frame in stability and handling.

First of all let me start from the beginning. I started off buying a complete fixed gear bike off eBay:
-Repco Traveller frame
-Chrome Weinmann DP18s with 17t fixed cog
-47t RH+O chainring, Lasco cranks and Wellgo pedals
-Some other random parts

Bit by bit I changed all the parts and ended up with pretty much a completely different bike like I’m sure most of you have done. I know it’s a bit hipster spec but I like it. (3rd image)
-Unknown 56cm frame (help?)
-Velocity B43s (black and silver)
-Brooks B17 saddle
-Exage motion front brake with Tektro lever
-Chopped risers with Oury Grips
-Kept crankset, handlebars from original bike
-Also need a new stem!!

Some guys from my LBS said it was an Apollo Salt frame but I can’t find much info on it. I’m not really the type to spend too much money on my bike especially since I’ve got a wedding this month! Hopefully after the wedding I can continue my never-ending chopping and changing…

schwinn madison?

it’s a Cell Solo, which appears to be the same frame as the Apollo Salt, but with chrome bits.

Thanks a lot guys! Both look the same to me, but more so the Cell Solo.

Also anyone know what size stem I should be getting? I’m not at home today and wanna get something while I’m out.

EDIT: No worries I found the spec sheet on the Cell site.