unlike the last video i posted..

i actually think this is cool.


More than cool … he’s riding Campy Record 10 speed !!!

that’s actually my only quam …

dude has terrible pedaling technique.

Stuff all power with those pointed toes.

Can someone translate this so I know what it is all about.

although maybe his ankles are permanently locked like that. then it would be ok.

ah, happy kingdom bike race is fun, no? mmm, go pedal to sunet FAST!

I used to get beaten regularly by guys who pointed their toes, some of them went on to take national level titles.

Is that from Andulusia no Natsu (AKA “Andulusian Summer”)?

Nasu: Summer in Andalusia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have this, and the sequel “Nasu: A Migratory Bird with Suitcase” on my computer, but haven’t watched them.

Looks like it I have a torrent of it, japanese with spanish subtitles… Looks pretty though and some nice racing shots.

Yeah, I have one with English subtitles. I think. I might dig it up and project it when I’m DJing on Friday night.


also where can i locate one such torrent

gene, i have it.

gene, i feel the projector gettin’ some use on this.

bam… double bam

get your people to talk to my people, broooooooooo

and get your people to talk to my people… double bill with ‘hesher’ since i still havent seen it.

imagine how good they could’ve been with better technique!

ah, fuck yes. this weekend maybe?

Purely academic. Just saying that it was once in vogue and prescribed by some coaches (in the mid 80’s).