Hey guys,
This will probably sound stupid, but I thought I would ask.
I was talking about a set of Campy Shamals that I found in a kerbside collection in a thread, and I had a look at them, found one thing that I am concerned about, and thought I should ask you guys, just because I am not too sure how badly a rim should be damaged before they shouldn’t be ridden.
Anyway, the braking surfaces are fine, and all over they are just a little scratched, but there is one point and I have shown it in a picture.


Try posting that picture bro.

Yfrog Image : yfrog.com/0oimg0624iyj, I did try to attatch, to no avail.

Just sell em to me and ill find a use for em!


I would like to use them, I just don’t know whether what seems like a small dent will result in not fun times.

the braking surfaces do not look fine at all. is that some weird lip near the start of the aero section? i got shamals and they don’t look like that. take it to your LBS, mate.

What he said + it’s probably been said before but unlikely anyone who owns shamals and knows what they are would dump them on the hard waste if they weren’t fucked.
Could be a trick of the camera but that big ding to the right of pic looks almost like a crease from hitting something real hard. It’d be interesting to get your lbs to put it on a good truing stand and see what they find.

Looks to me like the breaking surface is worn out.

Rims can and do get worn down by braking. These rims look DONE. Hence why they were thrown out.

Thanks guys, I was surprised to find them, I guess nothing good comes for free. I might still take them to LBS and see what can be done, might keep the hubs or something.

are they track hubs? if so, i’ll happily take them off your hands.

but yeah, take them to the LBS. or, even better, take them to dan.

i’ll grab the rims if you don’t want em man…

i don’t care if they are stuffed, ill ride them anyway.

going by the pic, I wouldn’t worry about the dent. braking surface has seen some use, but i think should be ok

if they spin true and smooth, just throw some tyres on and off you go. good find.

i’ll also put my hand up to take them if you don’t want em.

You should inflate them to 150 psi and see what happens

If you do, ware some safety goggles and ear muffs