Unsure whether to buy

Someones approached me with an old frame they want to sell. At first glance it looked ok besides a few mismatched red paint repairs although there seemed to be quite a bit of red paint around the front of the frame. A day later, on closer inspection, it looks like the frame has been rewelded either due to a break or extension of size. (whether this is possible, I’m not sure) I’m not even 100% sure whether it has been rewelded as the paint is so rough it’s hard to tell. I obviously can’t strip the paint back to check.
I’m planning on asking the seller if this was the case but cant contact her till mid next week.
I’ve been trusted to hold on to the frame this weekend, build up the bike to see if the size suits me. What I’d like to know is the repercussions or possible scenarios of buying a frame that’s had repairs of this nature. I weigh about 90kgs and am planning on riding it 5 days a week on the street.

Where has it been re-welded?

If you suspect there’s something wrong with the frame and can’t be sure of it’s history, I’d say pass on it. Only proceed if you’re 100% satisfied that the repair (if it’s the case) has been done properly.


Bin it.

leave it be!!!