Unwanted Prize

Just wanted to get this off my chest. Lately I have been seeing a few bikes on gumtree and other sites that are an “Unwanted Prize”.

If you’re going to enter a raffle to win a bloody bike do so because you want to ride the damn thing! Or leave it for people to enter that actually want to win that prize.

perhaps they are entering as a way of donating to a charity and the prize is irrelevant…?

also, take a relax.

if it’s a Reid or JRI I might be more sympathetic…

‘Unwanted prize’ is a euphemism for ‘I stole it’

What’s the problem? The winner wins, sells the bike, gets $, is happy. The buyer of the bike gets a new bike for less than it’d cost at a bike shop, is happy. The bike company donating the bike to the competition does it for charity and/or advertising, is happy. Everyone wins.

No different to ‘unwanted gift’ although I wonder what some people must have been thinking to give such gifts without knowing whether they were needed/wanted.

PS misleading thread title - thought you had something for us :slight_smile:

Unwanted thread.

Haha ouch

At least you reply to my threads EzyLee :wink:

My and my wife’s families are terrible at this. They just gifts that they like, with no consideration that the recipient has different tastes. That’s how I ended up with a cross-stitch of a cottage from my nana for my 18th and a religious t-shirt from my mother in law two christmases ago

It’s more the term “Unwanted Prize”. If it’s so unwanted why enter?

Sometimes you enter competitions where they have multiple prizes. Say the main prize is 1 trip around the world on a giant eagle - I would be all up on that and hoping I win it, but then they have a million Just Ride It bikes as runner up prizes. So come draw time I miss out on the eagle adventure but I get myself a shit bike. Of course I will sell it.

Are we done?