Upgrades and additions

Picked myself up a Bianchi at the end of last year and after riding it a bit ive worked out what i need to change for the bike to be how i want it for now.

Pedals and straps: Alternating between some shimano spds and atomlabs aircorp flats off my dh bike. Ideally want some straps so i dont have to lug a second pair of shoes around. The BO Gear straps look like a winner and theyll fit nicely on the aircops, any alternatives i should be checking out while im looking?

Bars: I love look of the chrome track drops that came on the bike, but i prefer flats. Are there any chrome drops with less bend or should i just go straight to some straight bars?

Lever: Regardless of what the bars change to im going to want a lever on the top, whats the better option here? Theres a few around and im wondering if its worth while spending on a Soma lever or something cheaper like a diatech.


Diatech levers are good quality, more heavy duty than the Soma cross-top-style ones. The Dirt Harry and the Goldfinger are both good, and unlike most bmx brake levers will fit on 25.2mm bars, ie: regular drops or risers. (most BMX bars are 22.2mm dia.)

Bars: Around the city risers really are more practical. You won’t see many, if any couriers with drops - that probably says something. Personally though, I prefer old style, tight-curve road drops, for the range of positions on a longer ride. There’s about 25 threads discussing all this.

The straps versus clipless shoes thing has been debated a million times too, but don’t forget there are clipless shoes around now that are pretty close to regular shoes, with recessed cleats etc. I have some $60 DHB ones from Wiggle that are pretty decent, especially given the price. Might be a bit ugly for your chrome bike though.

Check out eighth inch class track bars, very tight drop bars nice and shallow. After some myself

TBH they appear to have exactly the same problem for me as the bars on the bianchi do already, but thanks for the suggestion.

with track bars is there room for your hands on top? i dont always like to ride in the drops.

None at all, maybe and inch either side of the stem before it starts to curve.

i put twin lights on my risers, very sci-fi

charge do a ‘low drop’ drop bar.- http://www.chargebikes.com/products/parts/detail.php?id=240 - not chrome, but polished alu
the Allegro Pista has similar drops too, maybe hit them up