UrbanVelo Double Straps


Has anyone had any experience with these? Im looking to replace my current straps and am considering these, but from the pics they look abit weak.

So just wondering if anyone has used these before and what you reckon of them?

cheap and a bit crap. they wear though pretty quick if they contact any kind of sharp edge on a pedal or clip. I’m using a set at the moment on GR9’s with plastic clips and they’re doing ok, but my last ones on other pedals wore through very quickly. They also stretch pretty quickly and the clip on the strap doesnt grip so well after a while.

Basically, you get what you pay for.

using the singles right now

cheap, stiff and i found it really difficult to manipulate through my mks sylvans. as heavymetal said, you get what you pay for.

i have a feeling they will snap in a few weeks

i’ve got some wabi straps coming:


works out to around AU$40 delivered, which is the cheapest i can find for double thickness straps.

where from icecream??

here you go:


full pedal/cage/strap/cleat combo is also a good deal.

cheers maynee

Cheers for the advice fellas, will probably go for a pair of Wabi straps instead of UrbanVelo.