URGENT HELP NEEDED! Anyone know a coffee cart mob - MELB?

FoA coffee mafia - urgent help needed:

I’m pulling together an all-day sporting/social event (The Great Melbourne Paddle Regatta) on December 1st at Sandridge Beach, Port Melbourne. The coffee van guy I had lined up has pulled out as of this afternoon due to ‘circumstances’. Anyone got a contact or could otherwise direct me to someone who could step in at short notice? Doesn’t need to be a van, it’s not a big event so a modest cart would do (even preferred). Needs to have all the appropriate registrations and to be able to do a streatrader registration for the day.

check if the peddlr is running yet

Coffee Peddlr

If the peddlr falls thru (you should support them cos they support fixed stuff in Melbs)

There is a crew that do a mobile coffee ‘bike’ , well the drive the machine and put it on a bike on site.

Its called Ghillsalo I think? google it.

edit: Druex and Ghilsallo

Yeah coffee peddlr seems like a good guy and Benny would have his number and may even be able to do something

plus one for the coffee peddlr, amir is a lovely guy. his van is also cool as fuck, but may not meet the cart requirements as it is rather large by comparison.

you could try the guys that set up each sunday at st kilda crits maybe? hit up andy white and ask who he had at the roobaix, they operated out the back of a ute/4wd thingo.

maybe soul kitchen cafe?

i have his contact details if you need them stu, he’ll be at the show n shine on november 30th…

yep, that’s what they’re called.

supreme have a mobile setup. as do padre, tho i haven’t seen them using it since 2010 or so.

Thanks all I’ll start with Coffee Peddler, Rolly I’ll PM you for his contact details


Amir the Coffee Peddlr did the gig for us (thanks Rolly). Nice bloke Amir, cool van, V.V. Good Coffee. Highly recommended.


absolutely, Amir is a lovely guy & I was stoked to see he’d attended your event on Instagram.

hopefully this is just the beginning for him with good exposure both at the show n shine & at your event in port Melb (I saw another pic of his van at your event from someone just passing by) :slight_smile: