URGENT: Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics

Hey guys and gals.
I’m currently writing a thesis on managing diabetes in sports. Essentially this will lead to a product based solution for my major work in my next semester.

What I lack is two things:
1/ the organisational conviction to have done this two week ago
2/ type 1 and type 2 diabetics to interview (via Skype if you’re not local) about how diabetes affects your life/lifestyle.

If you could please let me know you’re available for a 15-20 minute interview via PM or email (alex.m.lord(at)hotmail(dot)com) that would be so awesome.

Anyone? I don’t bite!

Sorry, can’t help but I do think it’s an important area for you to undertake … hope you do well :wink:
I’d get onto the facebooks or something, to get a wider audience.

I actually don’t know anyone who’s diabetic. That I know of.

yeah check FB, I think there’s even a kit you can buy if you’re a type 2 diabetic cyclist.

FB has a search function right?

Places Alex hasn’t tried: Facebook.

I can’t talk … I don’t have an account but it’s a good medium to getting a wider audience for what you’re trying to achieve.

or, you know, there’s team type 1.

^^ Shit. Then who have I been grooming for the past year?

probs who I’m thinkin of.

MMM … Cupcakes from Brasil !!

I keep meaning to join the facebooks but too many people have compromising pictures of me and they will find my account if I do join. Plus I couldn’t be fucked trying to find a pic of me from 20 years ago, so to upload my profile pic.

Wait, I do have one here …

deadabetes 4 lyf! / I sent you an email…

Did know about them. Actually been in contact with Justin Morris. He’s an awesome guy.

i’ve put my type 1 diabetic cycling friend onto your deets

Team Novo Nordisk | One Team, One Goal: To educate, empower and inspire everyone affected by diabetes.

My Dad and his late father both type 2 Diabetics. I was extremely high risk before I took up cycling and lost weight.

Cut my Blood Glucose level by 2 thirds.

I know I’m not your best test subject but happy to write down some answers to survey q’s if you like!