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This is a pisser

haha brilliant! Great find nurbs!

“I’m a maverick!”


there are some ripper gif’s getting around.

Macedonia wtf you’re letting the team down :frowning:

yeah sure Alaska has enough oil to erase America’s oil deficit. for maybe 5 years… great.
what are you going to do then Palin? armwrestle Putin for rights to the oil on the arctic seabed? because i heard he already claimed it, and he know judo and has some big rockets.

what’s been cool to see here in the states at present is the amount of hope and pride the black community have for the future - having talked to a few folk here most didn’t expect Obama to come this far at all.

voter registration has been sky rocketing here and most are signing up as Democrats.

the problem is the that the republican party have been working for months doing really, really sneaky stuff to get people kicked off the roll or refused on it in the first place (to the point of flyering poor areas that will vote Obama with false registration information) and in the swing states, openly breaking the law in regards to registration.

for once though, the media is screaming pretty hard about some of the tactics they are using such as attempting to get most pro democrat swing areas to be listed as potential voter fraud areas, which means they become provisional votes (only about 35% get counted and they can get binned for no reason) and the secretary of state (dude who oversees the count) in each are just happens to be republican.

as does the guy who owns the company that makes the already proved to be faulty voting machines.

so, in summary Obama in a landslide but dodgy stuff by the republicans may pull it back to McCain as Obama is KILLING him in polls here.

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Aww man those republicans sure seem like honest campaigners though

The latest newsletter by an Inland Republican women’s group depicts Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama surrounded by a watermelon, ribs and a bucket of fried chicken, prompting outrage in political circles.

Idiots. It’s that ALLAR ACKBAR flyer stunt from Sydney all over again! And we all know how that ended. With a Dancing Maxine, that’s how. This will end with a Dancing Hilary :slight_smile:


I admit I laughed… :slight_smile:
But god, some people don’t have much to do…

No, no, they don’t …

prepare to be vaguely disturbed … many fnords within etc



Electoral College votes
Winning post 270

Obama - Democrat - 207
McCain - Republican - 135


And it’s over… just waiting for old John to walk out and admit it.

Thank fuck.
I’ve been watching the coverage since this morning. I kept thinking that somehow McCain was going to sneak in front.

338 vs 155 at the moment.

just sent obama a congratulatory text. he wrote back “kthxbi”

Your round Andy! :smiley:

In other news:

Thank Fucking goodness. They’re all gone Blair, howard bush…hopefully we can move on. The people swarming to the whitehouse is amazing…apparently bush is inside…