US Online Shops

Hi Guys,

Gotta get a set of Sidi shoes in a size 49 and it looks like the usual probikeit, wiggle, total cycling dont stock them that big. They have all said to try US based sites.

Problem is i dont know any.

Any help would be appreciated.



yeah 49.

they are for my dad and he currently had 48 but said they feel a little small.

I’ve used Jenson, DirectBicycleParts and AEBike recently. No probs with any of them.

qBike is a pretty good price search engine for your stuff

Here’s a few big e-retaillers and catalogue houses:

I go mostly with Excel Sports.

and for track specific stuff I use …

Both are excellent shops. I’d rather buy through these guys than ebay in case any warranty issues arise, and I know they have all the goods in stock.

Nashbar do Sidi as well, give 'em a try:

claude at megabike in adelaide has some killer deals on at moment on sidis in store…saw a pair of 49’s there… this week specials only though i think. something about a bike race or whatever.