Using a heavier trick fork for everyday use

Im getting a new frame and i wanted to get a trick fork (starfuckers fork), any disadvantages in doing so for day to day riding?

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I’d say the only disadvantage is that you’d be able to barspin and do tricks.

hahaah +1

you cant run more that a 28c tyre if thats what your into.

is it uncomfortable to ride cos its heavy?

No, the only potential problem will be awkward commuting geometry.

My daily commute is 20km each way on a Charge Freestyler. The Charge geo is ok because the frame is designed around the fork but the extra weight is noticeable.

What frame are you putting the starfacker forks on?

gorilla zengang, should be alrite… i think

if the fork you buy is stronger than your frame and you intend on doing tricks, you can rip the headtube off your frame. why exactly do you want a trick fork for day to day riding?

I was just thinking, because trick forks are strong, it kinda gives me more freedom to do stuff.

the frame is double butted Zona Nivacrom, TIG welded and the fork is 4130 cromoly.

My infamous fork is actually lighter than the Eighthinch one I was using before i think!

can anyone recommend me a trick fork to shove in my creamroller? prefer locally (melb) so if I could walk in to st cloud, get it all done, all the better :smiley:

Neverstop Pedalling - FFFork - Black or Raw finish

Nick has a couple of different forks at Saint Cloud, go see him.