Using old tubular rims with disc brakes?

I want to build a set of wheels with tubs for my CX bike. I also have a metric shit load of old tubular rims. I was thinking of using some of these built to some MTB hubs. All of the rims are of the eyelet variety. Due to the different forces from braking with discs will this be a problem?

no problem as long as its built by someone who is good with building mtb wheels (eg bio mech)

Come out to the next race and show up zoltan.

I will. I have been lurking at the last couple. What membership do I need, Gold or Silver?

Our next race is 1 July so you can get a 6 month Gold license for a reduced rate. Other options are a 3-race permit which is about 40-odd dollars, or MTBA and BMXA membership. BMXA membership is the cheapest way I think but you can only race cross (no road races or crits etc).

i am positive zoltan will be there if he can find an 8 speed screw on cassette

Stop giving him a hard time. He might break an axle.


The 8 speed wasn’t to race on.

What he said… But, pu-lease, name me one (good) wheel builder who can’t build either road or MTB wheels?!

Many of the XC racers run Tubs. No problemo.

Obviously if you’re running discs they need to be spoked 3-cross to deal with the torque of hub mounted brakes (aka Discs) - I know Fulcrum has some rediculous half-radial spoking but it just seems fkn stupid to me - different for the sake of being different (well they are Campy after all). Passion.


The only thing that you do differently (and if you’re being kind of fussy) with disc wheels is paired lacing on the front (like all non-drive wheels) and mirrored lacing on the rear, since you have opposing forces through each side of a rear disc wheel.

+1 on fieldy being a good mechanic, but wheel building is a pretty simple thing that is worthwhile learning to do yourself if you have the time/patience/interest/thrift and like weird projects like this.

I raced the cobbles of Belgium on a set of mavic GL280 2 years ago. If they can survive a could of months racing there…they can survive anywhere.