V-brake Chatter

So I was running canti brakes getting nasty nasty chatter. Decided to switch out to a TRP mini-v at the front, but still plenty chatter :frowning:

I’ve added as much toe-in as possible, and this helped somewhat, but still getting vibrations and the brakes now feel mushy.

Other details of possible relevance:
[li]Easton ec90x fork.[/li][li]Some play in v-brake arm… doesn’t seem excessive however.[/li][li]Kool stop pads onto aluminium rim.[/li][li]Headset is tight.[/li][/ul]

Any suggestions? Or should I consider switching to a more rigid fork?

Compressionless brake cables?

How true is the wheel?

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I went through this with Paul cantis and then Paul MiniMotos, on a bike with a light, springy fork.

Turned out the tension of the brake return springs was the culprit. I’d thought having plenty of tension would improve the modulation. Nope. As soon as I backed the tension off, all the chatter and squealing went away.

Can you adjust the tension on the TRPs?

Using standard housings, and the wheel is true (not perfect, but close enough).

The tension is adjustable via the standard three position spring anchor points at the base of the boss, and also there’s a fine adjustment screw. Currently it’s using the middle anchor point, but i’ll try the lower tension setting.

have a fair bit of chatter on my On One my solution has been to ignore it for three years, working good.

If a fork chatters and the rider is unaware is it still chattering?

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Only if it was in the woods.

There’s a theory about the cable being too long as it drops to the front straddle point. I did have success on an older bike with moving the support from the stem to the fork crown. Lenard Zinn has articles about it I think.

V ≠ canti

I forgot to add:

  • give the pads a tonne of toe-in
  • mine were worst after I’d scrubbed everything clean with detergent, thinking there might be grease on the rim. They settled down a lot once I’d ridden
    in the rain and everything was back to its usual grimy state.

I found running pads with a harder compound removed V-brake chatter. I swapped TRP stock pads for Ashima. Sorted.

Just following up on this thread.

So I think in the end it was the front wheel that was to blame. Not exactly sure why, but noticed that the chatter was starting periodically with the wheel rotation. The wheel was not perfectly true, but wasn’t bad, so perhaps it was just some combination of factors that resulted in a positive feedback of fork vibrations when braking. :confused:

In any case, once I switched out the front wheel it was 100% fixed. :slight_smile: