vaguely remote areas spotted thread

I’m in Cairns this week for work. Saw a guy roll past north on the Esplanade on a white fixie, skate helmet, risers, no brakes.

I wish I had a bike here, it’s all so flat in town and seems like a perfect place to ride. Instead I’ve got some small auto transmission hire car. Almost caused an accident yesterday turning into Port Douglas when I tried to change gears …

If you are desperate, you could try the large bikeshop near the supermarket opposite end of the CBD from the beach - Trinity Cycle Works (from memory) 40 Alpin Street - I rented a roadbike from them once about 3 years ago when I was up on a holiday for a week - they may still have some for hire.

There is a killer ride up the hills to the coffee plantations that the locals do - the climb up the hill outside Cairns (about 15ks out of town going north) is fairly steep from what I remember but worth it for the views and the decent.


My mate used to ride home to Kuranda when I was at school in Cairns. I thought he was mad then. MTB is all the rage up there.

Thats the one - I just about spewed in the humidity and on account of the pace the locals took me up it. Not to mention riding over a dead snake on the way up and being told not to stop too close to a stream in case live ones were nearby!!!

(Maybe they were just trying to freak the townie out…)

When the guy in the shop invited me to join him and two mates I should have been forewarned by his comment …“it won’t be too tough, we’ve all just had a month off so we’re just getting back into it before the racing season starts again…” :smiley:

I made the same beginners mistake riding in Noosa with some locals over Easter. Four A Grade riders who smashed me all over the hinterland hills in monsoonlike rain… tip for the future - don’t trust local shop owners who ask you to come for a ride if they look fit…


I dropped by Trinity after lunch, they must have got burnt by backpackers or simply didn’t like the look of me as they don’t have any bikes for hire… ah well, it’s all good. weather is a bit too muggy for my liking! I’m really looking forward to going back to Canberra’s cold :wink: