Vale Clive Burr

A sad loss for humanity.

Clive Burr, Ex-Iron Maiden Drummer, Dead at 56 | Music News | Rolling Stone

Cry with me HMC.

Saw in the news, and was very saddened.

I’m listening to Number of the Beast in honour of his sweet drumming.

As an interesting/dorky aside, I have twelve different versions of Hallowed Be Thy Name on my itunes.

Still probably the best song ever.

Is that the guy with one arm or is that Def Leppard?

def leppard.


That sucks.

This is one of the best uses of an Iron Maiden song ever.


Damn. I was blasting killers on the way to work aswell! RIP

Can we have a one minute silence for HMC?

Jeff Hanneman Slayer Guitarist Has Died Aged 49 - Yahoo!7 - Yahoo!7 Music


:frowning: RIP Jeff. May you eternally shred with Dimebag

Very metal.

A band I used to work for played a show once with Paul Dianno’s Battlezone… one of the best shows.
He looked like Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard and spent the entire set slagging off maiden between songs.