Vale Mr Hafey

Tom Hafey Gone.

I saw the great man often on my rides to work, usually somewhere around St Kilda/Elwood jogging along in his speedos in all weathers t or from his morning swim, smiling and looking like a sugar bag full of walnuts. I’d give him a wave and say “Hello Mr Hafey” and always get one back…couldn’t ever bring myself to call him “Tom” or “Tommy”, even well into my middle age.

Before we sold up in Blairgowrie and when I first got back into cycling I would see him running up Point Nepean Rd from Sorrento and he would always wave. What a great man.

Met him a few times when he was coaching the swans. Supremely fit and genuinely nice doesnt do him enough justice. Such a contrast to capper and edelston too. :wink:

500 sit ups and 500 push ups every day always blew me away. Even more so at his age (which even then was his 50s).

Met him when I was about 10 when he was doing one of his local footy club training night motivational talks, as I’m sure thousands of others did. Such a legend, the nicest bloke ever.


a guy i used to play footy against corrected me once when i referred to hafey as a ‘coach’.

apparently the correct term was ‘supercoach’.

that guy had a point.