Valentine's Day "Love is a Battlefield" Alleycat

Save the Date!

Friday 12th February, the weekend of that cheeky Saint Valentine, there will be a charity race happening!

The details are vague but soon to be confirmed. They should go something along the lines of:

6:30pm registration at Melbourne Museum
Race in couples (no gender restrictions, no cross-dressing restrictions, no bike restrictions)
$10 entry per pair (all money going to Spokes In The Wheels Engineers Without Borders Australia Engineers Without Borders Australia : Creating change through humanitarian engineering)
Bring bike, bag, and a camera per pair

Some of the sponsors thus far include:

Brisbane Outdoor Gear
Spray Ya Bike

Keep an eye out as more details are leaked to the press…

good charity.

+1. Jai and the rest at SITW are good people.

I need a date. Will compromise and wear a shirt with sleeves.

cut your hair you hippie!

I can’t be a hippie. In the words of Cartmen: “Hippies hate Death Metal”

The fact he was referrring to Slayer in the episode is strictly speaking incorrect, but the point remains valid.

So no, not even for you Brendan.

hey Nikcee, just saying… you might have to shave if we pair up… n/h

Dammit zoe! I’ll be OS but it looks like a fun day - I hope that there’s a kissing booth somewhere along the line… Wish I’d known, it’s a really interesting project…

Sounds like its gonna be a heart breaker, im in :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe… you’re the one with shaved legs and no facial hair. :wink:

well played sir

I choo choo choooooose youuuuuu


i may be riding with the missus.

afterwards she is likely to give me a card too…

It says bee and there’s a picture of a bee on it, ha ha.

Great charity! must get the missus in on this.

has anyone ever ridden an alleycat on a downhill bike?? i just realised it could be mad fun to do… but havent seen anyone on a downhill in an alleycat race so i dont know if maybe its banned?

Flyer is done! Just needs to be scanned.

Sounds romantic!

Here is the spokecard… sorry it’s lame.
The sponsers will be printed on the back of it.