valet bike parking in newtown

hi so crumpler bags is doing a valet bike parking in newtown this weekend on Saturday the 19/12/09. i have been ask by my Manager if i know of ppl who wood like to help out and volunteer there time with it. so if you or you know some ppl the wood love to help out with this you can email be at or my manager at for my info on helping out.

Is this bike parking for the store?
A special event?
Christmas sale?
What do the volunteers get for their time?
Don’t mean to be a prick about it but just wanted to put it out there? :slight_smile:

no that’s cool it is just some thing head office is doing for Christmas
i don’t know What do the volunteers get for their time but i think it wood be something.

i have heard talk that in melbs they are offering $20/hr to entice you to help and its from 10-6.

both smith st and ltl bourke st locations.

I’d be up for doing it. Sent an email

we have alll seen how valet parking works
…Thankyou sir…sir i will take great care w/ your car sir…(driver leaves)… now you get to hoon around block like a wildman and skid the mad shit out of some hot bike infront of all the girls and ‘wave you hands in the air like you just dont care’.

valet bike parking :? interesting concept. so anyways, how did the event go?