Van Hulsteijn - the new steel soft ride?

Ev posted a link in the pron bikes section a while back, wanted to know more peoples thoughts.


Looks like someone studied Industrial Design for too long then couldn’t get a job…

I wouldn’t have confidence riding one of these. Those tob tube>headtube welds better be mighty strong.

Looks a little bit steampunk. Also looks shit.

All wrong

Function following form. That’s all I’m going to say.

gonna go against the flow here and say…i like,not heaps but a little

60cm frames have enough flex as it is,

I’m finding that frame strangely desirable.

Paint it mint green and set it up as a boulevard cruiser with wide gum walls, a sturmey archer S2C rear hub (‘duomatic’ kick shift, 2 speed with coaster brake — mega clean), a sturmey archer XL-FD front hub (drum brake), a chromed twin plate crown fork (undrilled), north road riser bars, a Brooks Flyer saddle (with springs) and pray you don’t experience catastrophic material failure anywhere along that top tube.

I dont mind em but I wouldnt go out and buy one.

forgot to add, prices start from 1500 euros =O

saw a guy riding a similar bike to this at chapel st last week, looks really wierd

Under the tutelage or Dr Seuss

pretty much sums it up, eh?

My panties are strangely tight/wet.
I want one. But dipped in bronze.

Fucking ghey, and twice as fugly!

What do you do with your testicles when you dismount?

Wowahweewah do they take paypal!?

they look really great i think, but maybe thats as far as it goes

I like that somebody isn’t doing the status quo fluro shit.