Van Werkhoven roadie

Here is my parts bike roadie.

1989 57cmx56cm Van Werkhoven frameset.
Reynolds 531c tubing, Columbus tips.
Built by Andrew Van Werhoven on the Gold Coast.

9speed ergo Campagnolo Veloce/Mirage grouppo with Dura Ace chain/cassette & hubs.

Velocity Deep V rear, Velocity Fusion front rims.
Original Concor saddle, Original 1989 Velocity Velocage ( very 1st design )

I do want to sell it if you know anyone.

very cool pic

mmm, 4 colour. Are you sure AV built it? Not saying he didn’t, but say hello to a very close cousin (non-wrapped seat stays, pump peg inside of head tube, etc)…’s%20Pursuit.jpg

Incidentally, is that rust etching the seat tube lugwork? Best to keep an eye on that junction if it is.

Then what are you saying?
I got if off the original owner who it was built for.
I usedto sell them brand new, Andrew would drive them up
and drop the frames in when they were finished.

No, its just dirt/shit

Thank god for that. Rust in there could kill the frame off quick smart due to the stress that junction is under, but I guess you knew that. It’s a beautiful frame: too big for me, unfortunately.

As to provenance, it looks amazingly similar to a number of other frames from around that timeframe; there is, I suspect, a chance they were all built in the same place by builders for hire, and to spec as required, then shipped either painted or unpainted and stickered up as required. I had heard, but not confirmed it, that Wayne Roberts built a good number of the Pursuit frames, which AFAIK were welded in Adelaide. Have a look around for the Pursuit brand name and tell me what you think. I’m not being critical, these frames are great, the equal of anything around at the time. I may be off base, but thought you might like some input as to the frame possible origins.