van werkhoven track

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ebay classified, but at the list price its good buying. i’d guess its ~54cm.

Pretty cool frame nice paint not a bad buy.

very cool paint. even the bartape is pink fade!

fuck! I didnt know reynold 653 was alloy???

Umm, aren’t all steels technically alloys?
I mean, I don’t know too much about steels, but they’re usually different elements alloyed together, right?
Rather than an aluminuim based alloy or something.
I get your point though.

Also I really like that bike.

er, it is an alloy.

someone buy this, it’s awesome. and yet more proof that my VW has the worst paintjob he ever did :frowning:

[realises he made himself look like an idiot while trying to make someone else look like one]

So… I was right?

:smiley: don’t worry, we know what you meant