VANS - for clips or clipless


I reckon I would lose that little gimicky sole plate bit in a week

:mrgreen: indeed!

Thanks for the heads up.

You just cut it out if you want to use a cleat… it won’t reattach unless you glue it. :expressionless:

ha really? what’s the point in having it in the first place?
surely you wouldn’t buy these unless you were planing on using the cleats

looks to me like that sole plate clips into it, i like the idea of those shoes but i’m not a roadie so i can’t find an excuse to buy them

They’re cool :-o

No-one liked them when I posted them in April…,7118.msg56840.html#msg56840


Don’t worry, Im not a fan of them :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure what you mean… theyve had bmx pro models/riders for years.

It’s postcount++

no offense to anyone who likes them, but theyre mad ugly

but i guess skin tight lycra and helmets arent the most fashionable thing either…