Vans' shoes

Everyone’s been saying that ‘vans’ shoes are best for fixie riding. does anybody know where i can buy some?

Thanks guys?

lol, buy them everywhere, also brogues are better.

herp derp

joke about a mitsubishi van

do a search

let me google that for you

all that.

seriously though, pisstake thread?


Post count bit low lately. feelin like a newb.

right, you can fix that by going down to your local skate shop and paying $80 for a pair of vans in the size and colour that you want.
When you buy them, take a photo of them on your feet with your iphone, put some hipstery filter over the image, and post them in the ‘post a pic of your latest purchase’ thread.
Then I won’t rip on you for starting a thread that’s been started a few times before by a few peeps with tiny post counts :stuck_out_tongue:

i prefer thongs. and no foot retention. or brakes.

or brains.

Compared to yours. haha

We joined at the same time. you are a lord!

I am a FIEND

Gallerycat anyone? race to see who can visit the most galleries and collect a souvenoir in the shortest time

This is true.

This thread is a waste of time and if “everyone’s been” saying it why didn’t you ask them then?


Vans aren’t that good for riding. There are some adidas ones that are apparently quite good, but its all here. Failing that, buy SPDs.

Vans Authentics and Era’s are fine for riding your “fixie”. They come in lots of colours to match your Oury’s. There are also a bazillion other shoes you could ride in, but probably not New Balance 576’s / 574’s or Saucony Jazz, or your vintage Air Max’s. I prefer Adidas Sambas over Vans (and other shoes) because they have a stiffer sole and a lower profile. Sometimes I ride in desert boots.

The end.