So I was wondering where you buy your Vans and if you know of anywhere you can get them cheaper?
Cheers, EG. EDIT - I mean, if you do, where do you buys your vans discounted/cheaper?

your kidding right?
you dont know where to buy vans from?

hahah this kid cracks me up:P

No, no, I mean, Does anyone know where to get Vans cheaper in Australia?

vans are the new converse bro

I know that.

Most Mitsubishi dealers should have a reasonable 2nd hand range, but aren’t you a bit young to drive?

Wel,l before this turns into a shit storm. EG, vans are pretty much the same price everywhere. You might find some on the net cheaper.
Thread closed.

come on james - i’m interested in a secondhand mitsubishi…

You already have one! Stop undermining my new authority.

bringing it back somewhat on topic… ebay will often have clearance deals, so will skate shops. take some time on google/froogle and check postage costs.

i’m assuming you want eras/authentics? if so i i think with shipping you will struggle to save more than $10-15 from what you will find them for retail here. find them on sale here and i suspect that difference will get even smaller. but happy to be proven wrong…

oh and remember US sizes arent AUS sizes.