Veeery nice Falcon Track (ADL)

Falcon 1972 professional track fixie | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Charles Sturt Area - Ridleyton

Wow have not seen another one of these before. Sister to mine no doubt. Wish I had cash to buy it.

It is a Falcon San Remo. I have seen one other, also from NZ and belonged to Jack Swart (Older brother of Stephen Swart of Lance Armstrong infamy) from memory. I have a 1970’s road version of the same frame I bought new in NZ in 1980. Lovely frame, too small for me sadly. The bits are a non-period mishmash unfortunately. These are very uncommon and a beautifully crafted top shelf English frame.

holy shit that is rad

yours is much nicer

Before I die I must own a set of hubs like that. Dura_ace High flange. Flllaaaannnngggeee!!!