Vegan Victory Bike Ride

just stumbled upon this whilst doing some actual work on the eventbrite website.

Tickets and info

not my cup of soy latte, but you vegan kids go crazy

Fifty dollars to be offered discounted prices on soy products?

I’d rather snort a line of nutritional yeast.

yeah i figured the $50 price tag would put people off, but figured someone might wanna head along

this makes me want to run over a cow in my hummer.

Yet another way to make both vegans and cyclists look like total freaks.

50% of the proceeds will be donated to Pets Haven
50% of the proceeds will be donated to Animal Liberation Victoria

thats not a bad thing though right.

bit too hessian for me though.

i bet there is a lot of people with dreadlocks on this ride…

Yahh man, there be lots a hippies thar me guess, and I don like them hippies yaaa

That’s some wierdo extremist separatist shit right there.
I don’t like it. I bet they’d all smoke heaps of weed near the end and wear m baggy pants too.

hey james, you wanna lycra up and go on our roadies?

i kinda do. Crash the party?