Velo Deep Vs - rims only

Hey everyone

Just wondering what people have got these for, a coloured deep v rim only, and from where?

does $100/rim for machined sidewalls seem reasonable?


I picked up a NOS NMSW silver rim for 50 clams. not sure if that’s normal or not.

should be able to pick up rims only for $50 a piece without too much searching

If you can find $50 deep V rims, brand new, I say get them now (overseas doesn’t really count, because the postage usually offsets the cheap price. If you do know of any, please share!). $100 seems about normal from shops. Not reasonable, but normal. Whether you can get them cheaper elsewhere is another question.

Pretty sure I saw them somewhere for 80 something, I’ll see if I can find it again.

Err, sorry, I was wrong. $95 at Cecil Walker, got mixed up with the aerohead which is $79.

let me just say: aeroheads are awesome, particularly if its an older style build. light, great profile, look shit-hot.

I think I’d like to get a set of areohead rims for my resto…laced to Galli hubs.

I’ll look into it

nah … it’ll look wrong. no point spending all that time and money just to use rims that clearly look out of place. Much better to use Velocity Razor’s in all silver which will look much closer to an original style rim to suit the period.

+1 spirito, Razors do turn out really nice for old-style bikes, and my other favourite for old builds is the Mavic Open Pro, which is pretty similar to a Razor.

Let me put in a vote for Ambrosio Excellence rims if you’re going resto. Beautifully made, classic decals and detail, tough as nails (still the favoured rim of Paris-Roubaix riders) and if you trawl the web you could get a pair landed in OZ for well less than the local cost of a pair of OPs.

Just a thought.

I like the Ambrosio Excellence’s too, and the Excelight (sp?) and the F.I.R. SC170’s the best but they’re all kinda obscure or now obsolete. So … I’d go for Velocity Razor’s because they’re a classic box section clincher rim with eyelets and easily sourced here in Oz if ever you need a replacement rim (which happens if you crash or have an accident).

Ask me how I know how? :expressionless: Anyone have a spare Ambrosio Excellence 32h rim in red? Frustrating … like trying to find a spare crank arm to make a matching pair.

So do I order the rims in at my LBS or directly from Velocity?

LBS, Velocity only deal with bike shops.