Velo Orange Campeur or Camargue

Ooookay, so i’ve decided to start putting money aside for a nice-ish frame. First time i’ll be buying a new frame since my BMX days…

After having the Surly and realising its not really my thing, I think that the Campeur kinda geo is what i’m after.
That, plus everything else about the frame - beautiful fork, some nice lugs, 700C, three bottle cage mounts, quill stem etc.
The price is also around what i’m happy to spend right now, working as little as I am.

Thing is - Commuter don’t have my size (57cm) in stock and VO aren’t replying to my emails about shipping costs to here. I can’t seem to find any other VO frame stockists in Australia (from my quick googling) OR similar frames for the $$$.

Can anyone suggest similar frames/other stockists?
Anyone have any experience with the Campeur?
What about a Camargue? VO don’t stock them anymore, but anyone know where I can find one?

Frames i’ve looked at - Soma San Marco or GR (both 650B). I can’t really afford/justify building a new wheelset, would rather transfer just about everything from my current commuter/tourer over.

Ta ta


Can you get Commuter, as a reseller, to liaise with VO about getting the right size frame?

I think you’d struggle to find a Camargue locally. Can’t imagine too many were sold into the Aus market.

Also: I know you don’t want to build a new wheelset, but expanding your horizons to a disc frame would open up a whole bunch of options. Discs on loaded bikes are great. And if you’re going to save for a frame anyway you might as well get a whole new rig.


shipping from VO is borderline prohibitive, freight forwarding is not much better, best bet is as heavymetal suggests, liase with commuter to land it with the next shipment?

Loads of dealers in Australia.

^ Lol’d at the Antarctica row.

While a lot of those shops are “dealers”, I’d suggest, a-la Cicli Spirito, that they don’t hold a lot of stock of low-demand items such as frame/forks. Probably worth calling around but wouldn’t hold my breath…

My point was one of these dealers could assist in getting a frameset in.

Point taken.

Its getting harder to buy online with the sucky exchange rate

Harder or more harder to justify/expensive?

Can’t say online shopping has gotten gotten harder to do, if anything technology seems to make it easier and faster…

Pretty sure he just means more expensive.


There are easier ways to bait Horatio.

Hey hi everyone,

Heard back from VO, shipping is 200US - not going for it. I slept on it and decided not to go down this route afterall. I think about doing it every 6 months or so and then realise that any mass produced frame I buy I probably won’t love in a year or two.
So back to the drawing board, I think i’m going to put the money i’ve got aside right now towards dynamo set up, and then save for a deposit for a frame builder.

Long term we’re probably moving cities in a few years so I kind of want this frame/bike before there’s more responsibilities to think about!

Hi HM!

Hi H.

Mouche: I reckon you’re probably doing the right thing, assuming you have something that meets your needs in the meantime. Do your research, work out what you really want and need.