Velocities and gutters do not like each other

To be fair, I was drunk enough to not remember doing this and didn’t see it until 2 days later but…fuck!

recycled coke can

Big night? :lol:

Is it a factory made wheel or made by yourself?

Yeah, it was after the bike thing at the HiFi…free drinks are fun!

I laced it up, then took it to Cecil’s to double check my mad wheelbuilding skillz… been good for a month and a half now


ouch. what sort of pressure were you running?

Get some pliers onto it to get it straight again.

You must have hit it with some decent speed or running low pressure…so you could corner better :stuck_out_tongue:

I was running about 120-130psi, so pretty decent. I really thought these wheels would be tougher than that though…

:-o :-o
Bit high for street use eh?
Most clinchers would be straining by that point.

could be worse.

these rims aren’t deep-vs though.

I feel a bit squishy if I have lower pressures. I like the preciseness a higher psi will give you…and the spine-jolting vibrations :lol:

I run those H+Son rims … I gotta be more carefull

you realize that every pressure over 110psi feels exactly like 110. It’s all in your head.

Get some better quality tires if you’re concerned about rolling resistance…

You’ve been into mum’s creme-de-menthe, haven’t you…

Que? creme-de-menthe… isn’t that an alcoholic after din-dins drink? No… I havn’t been drinking
I’ve just been talking with a mate who used to race moto gp. He now races road bikes, this guy’s definitely in the know how.

I used to run at about 110, but I jacked it up a bit a little while ago for shits and found I liked the ‘solid’ feel of the bike…kind of like putting sports shocks on your car as opposed to the floaty suspension that’s built for comfort. It’s not so much a concern about resistance or going faster or whatever…more about the ‘feeling’ maaaaannn… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m running Rubino Pro’s at the moment and they are doing quite well for themselves…I’ve found them to be surprisingly grippy, even at these crazy pressures…then again, it may just be all in my head too…there’s lots of things up there and sometimes they get confused :cry:

Tell that to 220psi track tyres.

Spud… Have you ever ridden these 220psi track tyres? Try comparing them to 110psi anythings, and i can guarantee they will feel exactly the same.