velocity b43 or h+s formation face

just need some help with what rim to get and how many drill holes,
Ill be doing all street riding just want the best value for money.
and any suggestions on cheapish good hubs aswell thanks guys and gals :slight_smile:

Velocity. :lol:
Reason 1. Australian Made
Reason 2. Australian Made
Reason 3. They speak english and will more the likely replace the rims or hubs if any major issues occur.

haha kinda makes you sound like a bogan :stuck_out_tongue:

Far from it, all due respect to H+. But when you’ve got pretty much the leading fixed gear rim manufacturer in Australia then you should probably buy local.

oi oi oi…

and you are right

you should get a pre built set of 43s 32h will be plenty strong and you can get the front in radial for the sex factor… they will cost you less than owning a set of H+s and for less than finding hubs and getting it all built up

only real con is every second bike you see has a set of these or a deep V

Not to mention the Velocity team posts on here!

+1 support local economy.

(or you could buy it off ebay and somehow save money buying a local product overseas -.-"" )

You can buy a Velocity Aerohead at for $49.95 USD or the same rim in Aust for around $120. Even in the same suburb that Velocity is supposedly made, that’s what they cost. So yes, you can save money by shopping overseas for a local product. :-o WTF?

Would love an explanation from the Velocity folks. How about looking after the local consumer, guys? Sell to us for the same as you sell to the US?

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say cambriabike (or their suppiler) are buying them by the containerload?

i can get h+s for 230 with rims shipped to aus no hubs or spokes and i can get b43 for about 250 from the cheapest place online that sell just the rim, im getting it done for free built that is so that’s why i wanted to get it all separate instead of buying a whole laced wheel set

if you add it all up, it might still be cheaper to buy a complete set. b43s should be about $450 built up for a set. Once you factor in $1-$2 a spoke plus hubs (say miche from wiggle for about $100) then it all starts looking expensive. Just from that yr already looking at $390-$450, and no warranty. worth thinking about anyway…

So does Australia, still no dice. You can buy wheelsets in the US for US$250, It’s re-god-dam-diculous.

just do it.

Be aware of the differences between the rims- the B43 is triple walled, while the H Plus Son isn’t. The B43 consequently weighs something like 790g, while the HPlusSon is mid 600’s I think.
790g is REALLY heavy, so you’re not going to be getting a high performance wheelset with the B43. Bomb proof though. Depends what you’re using them for I guess.

if you want a real sexy rims the campy atlantas are nice, lighter than the other two
but you’d need to spend some money on a set of hubs worthy of the atlantas
my money is on the Mack hubs right now…

I think it’s time the fixed-gear world got over obsolete Campagnolo rims. Atlanta’s are not worth the asking price IMO.
There are alternatives, for instance the DT Swiss RR 1.2, as nice as the Atlantas, and lighter too I believe. Welded rim joint, swiss quality. I like mine:

I really don’t get the fuss over the Atlanta rims, Mavic CXP 12 &14, no braking surface, now that’s a sexy rim. Same for Wolber Profil tubs, gorgeous. Atlanta’s are just a deep V that someone finished correctly and slapped a campy sticker on.

get what you want. my H + Son are v nice. depends what finish you want.

We do not set any RRP’s. The USA wholesale price is equivelant to Aussie wholesale price.

We should even buy them Aeroheads for US $49.95. Bargain.

so what you’re saying is the australian retailer is laughing all the way to the bank when we buy rims from them instead of from the US?