velocity b43 or h+s formation face

ok so you have convinced me bells bike shop b43 in all white or polished ? on a red frame, does anyone know if the hubs on them are any-good?

polished for sure.

the hubs are great for street use. The rear one on my deep-v is just on the way out now after 2 years of almost-daily riding in all weather. And new sealed bearings are $10 or something. The front is still tip top.

The hubs will be fine, Origin 8 from memory. Obviously wont feel as good as some quality hand built wheels.

But hey, For the price and with the dollar going well they are hard to knock back i recon.

Actually, that is pretty cheap isn’t it?

It’s fuck off cheap.

if I needed a new wheelset, I’d be all over it.

i need a new wheelset. also need to pay off credit card…

i’d get a pair of velocity b43…they are solid :lol:
although some say h+son 's bit lighter than the b43…

have a set laced to phils already… Twisted the rear one when I had I tire explode ( a little to much air on a super hot day)
they are nice but not the strongest rims out there…

My atlanta/phil wheel set is pretty dam sexy and it’s not another set of b43s
as seen on every hipster pony rolling round the easten suburbs…

Given the choices this guy is looking at I’d roll in the direction of the H+s just to keep your pony a little more unique…