Velocity B43 Rims

I hope I am posting on the right forum…here it is the new B43 rim.

gee, news travels fast.
We only rolled that rim and took those pics at 4pm yesterday… :mrgreen:

Well why didn’t the forum get the scoop. :x

They look good though.

We were going to call it the Brisbane 43, because the aluminum is mined there, extruded into the form of a rim, then hand rolled, drilled, and anodized/powder coated in Brisbane Australia. Brisbane is the home of some of the best Aluminum mines in the world, some of the hardest workers and our world headquarters hence the name the B43. And so there you have it.

Aluminium mines in Brisbane? :? :roll:

That would explain the smell around here…

:lol: G James is a mine isnt it??
Bloody americans :wink:

Never let truth get in the way of a good story.

We’ve heard what people were asking for and it’s exactly this. We started developing this rim about 2 months ago, doing some research, talking to you and hearing what you had to say. The next step was convincing our main man Tom Black, el presidente and rim roller for Velocity Australia to take up the challenge. He stepped to the plate and got right on it…

The post doesn’t actually say anything about the rim other than it’s triple walled and comes with a warranty that covers large explosions.

I wondered about the specs of the rim as well as the mines comment.

Depth? Weight? Machined/Non-machined? Will Australia see them before the yanks gobble them all up?

Depth? Weight? Machined/Non-machined? Will Australia see them before the yanks gobble them all up?

Depth 43mm
No Braking surface at all.
Maybe later in the year we’ll extrude something with a braking surface.
Weight is a fair bit heavier then Deeps obviously, but because we have only rolled
1 rim went know for sure. Still lots to do, havent even extruded a joiner to suit,
havent drilled one, anodising will reduce the weight by 10-20g, powdercoating will increase them by 20-30g.
We still want to muck around with the die to find a happy medium with weight and strength so they dont blow apart :oops: like a cheap chinese one :wink:

Velocity USA has a 40ft container full ordered, so yes, as usual, they are buying them so they’ll be made for them first. As they are made here in Bris you have the chance to get sneak a few first, if you order them when they are up and running… give it a month or so.

Maybe K-Rudd will buy a set with his $900?

Anyway untill they are complete, drool over these:- available in about 3 weeks

Posted it in January, get with the times :evil:,5718.0.html