Velocity Deep V.. strong hub?

Hey i need a strong hub, i dont run a front brake so i rely on skid etc… im currently running those quandro wheels from melbourne which r terrible lock ring has already unthreaded itself.
so ive been looking at the velocity deep v’s, ive been told b43’s r too heavy, does anyone use them? cheers

what ???

I just need to know are the hubs in the velocity deep v’s strong and durable because i dont run brakes, so i skid yeah? cheers

Here - Try this link

Edit: Also - “Deep V’s” are not hubs. They are rims. You can build them up with any hubs you like. Having said that, the hubs that came on my standard Velocity wheelset seem fine to me.

yeah man i know they’re not hubs, i was referring to the wheelset thats all, its a lot easier that way. anyway thanks for the advice

hahahahah, you gotta be joking…:frowning:

I’m in a good mood today. Here’s my advice:

  1. Yes velocity use a hub that is much better than quando
  2. Yes lots of people ride them and like them very much because they’re tough and good for city riding
  3. Buy a quality lockring and cog to go with your new hub
  4. Use the search function of this site because this info has been given hundreds of times (hence my intro)

why not???

get some star wheels, i heard they are alot better…only 99 dollar for u!

I’ve said it before. Your wheel is only as good as your cog

yeah cheers man thats all i wanted to know, didnt realise people were so touchy

i didn’t know skidding on deep v’s were cool…

am i missing out on something here?

Not touchy, but you asked a question that can be answered easily by searching the forums / internet, and your question was phrased really ambiguously.

Question answered, thread closed.