Velocity Hubs

Hi all,

I’ve got a velocity hub that I need to change the axle. But it is a sealed cartridge bearings, and I’ve not any experience in this kind of hubs.
How can I dismount the axle to put another one?
Any clue?

Pretty straight forward - knock the axle/bearing out; knock the bearing off and reverse with the new axle. Probably worth replacing the bearings at the same time, be careful not to damage the bearing if you are keeping them.

Google “cartridge hub overhaul” or similar - or go to Wiki

In case you don’t get a chance to read the article, make sure you don’t hit the axle directly with something like a hammer.

You can always (after unscrewing the retaining nuts), put a track nut on the very end so you’re tapping that and not the axle, then you won’t damage the thread and with some gentle tapping the bearing should pop out the other side…

Thanks all for your advertises.

ok, I dismounted easily the axle from the hub. Thanks.
But, in fact I have got velocity track wheels, that i would like to put on a road frame for a fixie (125 mm rear spacing). Unfortunately, it seems that there is no wider axle available to these hubs.
Anyone have experience with this?

I have the same hubs, but from IRO, they ship with axles long enough to run 135mm spacing. You could try IRO or Harris Cyclery for replacements.