velocity sticker removal

tried to search but can you get those graphic stickers off of deep v’s. You know the rims that look like pavement pizza crusts. what colour are they underneath?

They’re just silver ano underneath aren’t they?

If you want to get them off try a hairdryer on high heat or a paint-stripper-type heat gun (on LOW heat!).

I used alot of patience, finger nails and eucalyptus oil on mine

just lots of rubbing with thumbs. wears them down a bit.

tea tree oil is good. + heaps of sprays available from supermarket. steer clear from anything strong, much easier to work up to it. dont use nail polish remover

Simple Green is good stuff

PLASTIC tyre lever, like the yellow Michelin ones, with some form of drgreaser to loosen the adhesive.

Naah look, fuck all that rubbing and picking.

Use heat (with care) to weaken the adhesive, peel the sticker off, THEN use eucalyptus, citrus or WD40 to remove any adhesive residue.

Peel, clean up with Orange Power. If you do it carefully enough, there’s hardly any residue left.

I’m assuming you mean these stickers?

Nah, the ones wit eyeballs and bullshit on 'em. Read somewhere they might be printed as well. Doesn’t matter now,they were up last night on the E…200 dorra new.

are you talking about the velocity image rims?

here on the op left box? with the eyeballs?

they arent stickers…
youll probrbaly have to strip them to get them off

im pretty sure you would be better off just buying a plain wheelset anyways

well, since i was planning on stripping & polishing 'em your probably right, but at 200 beans and local pick up was thinking about it.

Orange Power is great. Even the whacky smell.

Id avoid some things like WD40 as it can cause issues if it runs onto a braking surface. Sometimes quite hard to completely remove, especially if it gets in the braking surface grooves.

yeh true
$200 is pretty fking cheap
im pretty sure i saw them rims going for like $150 alone

the best thing i’ve found for removing sticker residue is Goo Gone or similar goo/tar removal product. most auto stores stock them. also relatively mild, so don’t damage finish.

pretty sure that stuff is powdercoated on. try an angle grinder :evil:

For new Deep-Vs I’ve found the best I’ve found is to run hot water from the tap over the sticker for a minute or so. They then peel off easily in largish strips. Usually with no residue. Best to do this before rim tape and tyres.

Not sure how this works for older crusty stickers, but for new ones, seems to work fine.

Hair dryer could work was well - better than the fingernail pick and scratch approach. I’m over that!