Velocity VXC Disc Rim?

Anyone had any experience with these rims…or the FUSION 700?

ps Yes I searched already

no direct experience, but what were you going to build them up with and how were you going to use them? Its all relative with function.

Just a novatech 36 high flange track hub

Do it. Both the Fusion and VXC are great, I’m not sure why people don’t use them more. Actually, it’s probably because the VXC isn’t deep enough…

I ordered the Fusion in Bright Silver ano.

Should build up ok.

velocity do great rims for all disciplines. The Fusion isn’t as deep as Deep Vs but lighter - as per the description on the site. I would definitely give them a go.

I’ve built up a wheelset using the Dyads, before chuckers came out. Tough set of rims, wide enough to put some fat tyres on, they’ve lasted me a while now.

Good luck!

I was very happy with my fusions.