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I’d sell all of my other bikes for this.

it has one of my favourite bikes in the whole world here … JP’s Cinelli Pista. It is perfect in every way, especially for it’s patina and lived in feeling. Pergo wouldn’t let me ride it but I touched it and he knows I want it bad … I even asked what he plans to do with it once he’s dead :slight_smile: It’ already assigned to someone else in his will. :frowning:

It’s the little things such as the spare tubular wrapped in some Gazzeta dello Sport newsheet, and the Campy con denti pista pedals. Such bikes are memorable … I recall riding alongside one fall (autumn) arvo from mid town to Harlem where we scouring an old bike shop for old Lefol fenders stashed in the basement. We ended up with old Detto’s, new in box simplex and other goodies but no fenders left that day. God times - that bike is as stunning as I’ve ever seen in person.

The Cinelli Pista is now in Italy with JP. I track it !!

He he…great commuter.

This is an interesting Team Fat Chance. At some point somebody added a set of cable guides along the top tube and repainted it. I have no idea who did this work. The extra cable guide is for the IRD remote quick release for the seat post. The handlebar actuator for this seat post quick release is the third shifter on the handlebar. The idea here is you open the quick release, push your weight into the seat post to lower it and then close the quick release. This will give you a lower seat for descending. When the descent is over you stand up and open the quick release and the Hi-Rite spring pops your seat up to its original position and then you lock the quick release again. It’s a trippy little item.

I’m really feeling these Bridgestone X0-1’s.

Even with the single brake lever it’s damn sexy.

This thing is fucken(tuff) awesome, the purple bits just cap it off for me.

The philippe cyclocross makes me twitch as well.