Velodrome Training

Hey All,

I was out riding today and found myself very close to the Narrabundah Velodrome, so I thought I would go have a look and maybe do a couple laps.

When I got there, a training session was on. They saw I had a fixed gear they invited me to get on and have a try. My first few laps were just riding in the flat bit, looking in awe at the banking. (it is farking HUGE!) The guys there gave me some tips for riding on the banking, and before I knew it I was riding about a metre up from the ground. It gave me such a buzz!

One of the more experienced guys tried to lead me up higher into the banking, but I didn’t have the balls.

Seriously, if you get the change to have a crack at track cycling, do it! It is such a rush riding around the banking.

From that brief taste I think I will start to train properly and see where it takes me.

Training is on Saturdays from 2-5, cost is about $5 I think. Come along!

That sounds like a pretty good chance for the next get together one weekend.

Sounds awesome, I have been considering giving it a go for a while now


Do you know if they allow bikes with brakes on it?

Definitely no brakes. For bunch riding reasons (you need to be able to predict what the person in front of you is doing, if they have brakes and you don’t it could end in disaster when they apply them).