Veloflex tubular group buy

So cycling projects in Sydney finally have their 2012 veloflex order in.
Felice has given me a better price per unit on em If I get a few…
The carbons are $80 and the extremes are $90

My self and the boys I ride and race with are getting In
Pm me if you want one or 2.
I Reckon they’ll only be a couple of $$ to post interstate



I’m going to hold out for some Dugasts.

can get record tubulars??

I would be keen if you can get some records

You boys want gum walls!! Easy as pie…
I can prolly get stuff from last years ’ all ready aged ’ batch!

I have the numbers i need to make this work so the Deals going down in the am! Get in quick

Spoke to felice this morning
Then records are available $90 each
Our order is done and on its way to me!
So I guess this thread is done

so can we or can we not get record tubs??

I can try and get out to him next week…
What size you need… They come in 20 and 22 I think