vernier calipers

i have some mitutoyo dial verniers, but the dial is all out of whack. i dunno if you can get these things calibrated, but at the moment they don’t work.

taking suggestions for some that are decent, but not stupidly expensive i.e. < $100

I’ve got one that looks identical to this.

I think these cheapies are fine for general bike work. With bike stuff, you’re usually you’re measuring something that has a limited range of possibilities. If you want a vernier for measuring unknowns with high precision, maybe you should look at better ones.

This looks like a rip of the Mitutoyo, worth a punt for the price.

A cheap plastic dial type, branded M.T.I. “Swiss made”, has served me well for many years, no idea where I got them. A couple of cheap digital types failed early. Still have a set of Mitutoyo to fall back on.

And, as snowflake says, for bike work near enough is good enough

My dad gave me his Mituyoto with pomp and ceremony befitting handing down a kingdom (he was a fitter machinist by trade). I treasure them but my Park digital vernier’s are the only one’s I use. I’m sure there a plenty of cheap digital vernier’s that do the just perfectly fine and for the most, bike parts and frame tolerances are quite wide. The park measures down to 0.01mm when most bike tolerances are far less (0.1 or 0.2mm at most).

As I said I’m sure that your average hardware store has some digital verniers much cheaper than the Park Tool item. I know of at least one frame builder with 60+ years experience who swears by his $20 Bunnings digital verniers.

Old style dial verniers and sliding rules are still nice and one can argue more accurate but I think the biggest factor in using verniers for bikes is the user not reading them accurately. Therefore I think I nice big digital readout is of benefit and far more practical for fairly wide tolerances like we use on bikes.

thanks all. i have a frame where the manufacturer’s instructions say 27.2 (which it wasn’t) and information on the net says 31.6 or 31.8. hoping it’s 31.6 as there doesn’t appear to be an abundance on 31.8 seatposts.

Unless its some vintage thing, it will most certainly be 31.6

My Mitutoyos allow you to reset the dial to zero using a small tab on the edge and a locking screw.

I bought a dig vernier from ebay (China) for $10
the slide groove is machined but not ground which makes it rough when using it.
a little time with some wet and dry and it works much smoother.

mine too, but they go out of calibration straight after, which sux.

Kinchrome 150mm. Can be had at any bunnings.

I got myself an English one at Blackwoods:

CALIPER VERNIER 150MM 125MA STARRET (03199985) | Blackwoods

Quality is good, I prefer a traditional vernier to a digital. Pricing about $80.

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Nevermind these newfangled digital or dial calliper things, you’ll easily get a very decent vernier calliper for under $100. Vernier as in having a Vernier scale, not a dial or digital readout.

I got mine from this place, on special for about $25, though they don’t seem to have any that cheap at the moment:
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