version 2


That front wheel’s a bit boring now isn’tm it?


I want to do something different, so not the same.
Still working on ideas.

That looks really cool. Reminds me of a hot rod. You could get some red tyres or rims for it up front.

Nice. What frame is that?

A track frame


So you can’t use a Surly Steamroller on a Velodrome?

You can use a fucking recumbent on a velodrome.
Still not a track frame.

fucking is to…grumpy… ride it on the track, it’s a track frame. Just like the recumbent = track bike.
(I know i should have said ‘fixed gear’ frame and the whole geometry thingy of propper Velodrome frames, ) but it is fun to argue for the sake of it

Sure is!

Nice bike Nath, but yeah - do something to the front wheel plsk.

Rad Nath, now do a skid! Shhh, cops, shhhh…

just paint the front half of the frame white

problem solved

think about it

you’ll be the “Two-Face” of the fixed scene. And I use that expression in the pejorative sense :mrgreen:

yeah i was going for that hot rod look. :smiley:

Most ‘fixies’ are hot rods… really.

I’d have to disagree, but that’s what I do.