very nice Singer !!

A. Singer early 50s BEAUTIFUL cyclotouring classic | eBay

So much to drool over, well worth studying.

Yeah, been checking this one out. Hot stuff!! Would love to try out one of those Nivex derailleurs one day.

How much would this have cost new- ie I imagine it was a boutique brand, high end?

What is the strap thing above the drive side chain stay for?

Only a Xlotto win would see that in my shed.(makes note to buy ticket 2morrow)

can I borrow a few G’s

Chainstay protector … usually a rubber strip stretched between two braze-ons. Older derailleurs like the Nivex worked quite well (better than anything else, and far superior to any race derailleurs) but they didn’t have anything like today’s spring tension (simplistic explanation). These really saved a lot of damage to the the driveside chainstay.