Victorian Christmas Carnivals.

This series of races are perhaps my favourite of the year. Totally fun racing with good people - it’s like what I imagine being on tour with lollapalooza would be like, with racing instead of rocking and recovery drinks instead of recreational drugs.

And it’s back to four carnivals this year:

27th december - horsham
28th december - bendigo
29th december - shepparton
30th december - wangaratta.

i’ll probably be able to arrange places for people to crash on the 26th - 27th - 28th, but if anyone has any suggestions for places to stay in shep and wang i’d be happy to hear them.

who’s up?

I am interested, but would have to ensure i get some time on the boards before then.

Let’s see how i go.

Will and I have been talking about getting involved. We’re pretty much in.

I’ll probably be able to sort something out at Horsham, and can probably tee up something at Wang. I’ll look into it.

they are all concrete outdoor tracks - no boards involved.

ah, i would have offered to have a few of you guys stay with me at my parents place in horsham, but i’ll be overseas then. maybe next year.

sorry, what i meant was…more experience riding very fast around in circles.

You do that at every criterium!

I’ll come watch one of the first few days. After that i’m going DH riding.

couple of evening enduro races at brunswick track and you’ll be apples.

horsham track is pretty similar to preston track, so maybe racing there’d be a good idea too.

Swoite m8, im up

Can we crash with God again?

The mate who I’m planning on hitting up likes to think he’s God, but I’m pretty certain God isn’t a ranga…

It wouldn’t be a bad option, but I’d say we wouldn’t stand much chance as it’s a busy time of the year, what with the birth of our saviour 'n all…

I have a mate that lives in Bendigo who is pretty good value. I am sure he would be stoked to have people there. I may not be able to go to all 4 days, but will definitely make a couple.


I’m also seriously considering taking this:

Would be a pretty cool way to do it.

i got family in horsham and bendigo, and they’re used to being imposed upon.

shep and wang are the problems!

I’m pretty certain he is.

I’ll be in Echuca round this time - it’s only 70km from Shep…

Hell, maybe I could even swing a race or two.

start banking those hours now!

(but if any of you beat me in a handicap i’ll ban you from

I willing to put $20 up that Gene gets one over Brendan at least once in handicaps over the four days. Any takers?

there is no way i am going to allow this to happen.

If this happens, I am scared for humanity, and what Gene might do.