Victorian Christmas Carnivals.

thats what james said!

in like flyn

It’s safe money then… Any takers?

I’m banking on:

a) Gene getting fired up and going way deeper than he ever has before to make it happen, even if it’s a sprint between you two for 13th
b) The handicapper seeing “B. Bailey” on the starting list and giving you 300 m
c) The handicapper seeing “G. Mills” on the starting list, observing Gene in his Malaysia skinsuit, and giving him 10 m

$20 is a small price to pay for infinitely increasing the interest of any handicap race which features you two over the 4 days.

gene will first have to make it to the handicap finals in order to feature in a race with me…

hey oh!

macgregor’s girlfriend and i are also roadtripping. heck yes.

Boom. The slingin’ has started. Excellent…

Safe bet then? James? Easy money!

I’m talking about Gene finishing ahead of xBBx in any handicap over the four days; heat, final, whatever.

I’ll email my Wang mate tonight. Does that just leave the Shep race unspoken for?

does it count if i pull out due to working for someone else?



This will only happen in a final I’m presuming? And in that case, Gene probably won’t be there…

shit just got real… real funny <gets popcorn, sits back>

This sounds too good to miss. I’m sure there’s some b&b’s around there? I’ll take the lady friend along, drink tea, watch amateur cycling. Do any other non-racers wanna come watch?

i reckon bendigo’d be your best bet. closest to melbourne, best facilities, best racing.

I’m there*

*if in the country.

2012 Victorian Christmas Carnival Series

ride of the day awards? sounds like someone is giving away panache cash…

Ohh very keen, I was thinking about doing some of the Tassie carnivals as I’ve got family over there but was told that I’d get seriously spanked (and would need to ride E grade if there was one!?).

I can only do the first 2 but what is the race schedule like? Is it all day or is it worth bringing a roadie along for some morning/afternoon riding?

generally afternoon / evening. defs bring your roadie for sweet morning recovery ridez.

Early bird reg finishes 4th of December? Currently listed as $40 per event. Who’s doing what? What’s the normal entry fee BB?


i believe the early bird entry just puts you in the running to win some Krrrrazzzzy prizes or something.

oh, and at this point, health permitting, i’m still in for all four.