video - touring in france, writing, hello to the ladies

Shepherds on stilts (now there’s a band name if ever I heard one)

bikes = taller french people

(hello to the ladies @ 2:00)

i knew there were other benefits to riding :wink:

Touring France would be pretty awesome.

I highly recommend it.

I was in France for ["]Semaine Federale](http://"[url) last year and Paris-Brest. Both of which are awesome. SF is 15,000 cyclist descending on a different town each year. You get a pack of maps upon arrival that have different length loops depending on how much you want to ride that day. Each day takes you to a different area in the surrounding region.

the foodhall

A really beautiful old tandem

A 4500Euro tandem. Full Record. Excessive? Apparently not.

the local sporting clubs and the like provide space to camp (we camped at the rugby club). they offered breakfast and really great dinners for about 4Euros as well as the food hall at the permanance (HQ essentially).

I understand that towns bid for the right to host it 4 years in advance.

Wow, that’s pretty awesome! I was thinking something a little more individual though, haha.

as in not a tandem or not 15,000 people?

Not 15,000 people. Maybe just me on a vintage lugged steel tourer with brookes saddlebags and and pretty french girl, haha.

that’s my preference too. but if you’re there at that time of year (which is warm and sunny) i highly recommend it.